Led By Our Clients, Driven By Our Passion

We use our unique combination of expertise and agility to deliver tangible results for our clients. They show us where they want to go, we show them the way.

High-impact services

We take a holistic approach to consulting, to deliver bespoke solutions for clients.

Digital Transformation

Evolving businesses through technological innovation and strategic digital integration.

Regional Consultancy

Guiding clients through the business landscape and cultural nuances of the Middle East.

ESG Consulting

Empowering business to align their operations with sustainability goals and global targets.

Corporate Restructuring

Implementing the right structure and team for your project, through comprehensive review and understanding of your goals.

Capital Markets

Leveraging our knowledge and networks to bring companies to the Capital Markets in the Middle East, the UK and Europe.

Strategic Planning & Branding

Providing insight to businesses, from start-up to MNC, to drive growth via a clear strategy.

The Story Behind Our Company - Corpkit X Webflow Template

The story behind our company

Esus was founded on two simple beliefs – that each company is unique and faces unique challenges – and that from every unique challenge, comes new opportunities.

About our firm
While our firm is young, our team is well experienced. The combined experience of our team has seen:


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