Michael Nugent

Michael is the Founder and Managing Director of Esus, overseeing all client projects and internal functions.

Michael is the Founder and ManagingDirector of Esus.

Michael founded Esus in early 2022, havinggraduated in 2020 from the University of Sussex with a bachelor’s degree ineconomics, which furnished him with a well-rounded knowledge of financialmarkets, economic theory and business management.

He is the youngest ever lead consultant on a foreign-exchange listing of a UAE business and has advised clients on projects such as listings, M&As, funding campaigns, restructurings, worth over $200m USD cumulatively.

His expertise ranges across several disciplines, such as strategic planning, private equity, capital markets and corporate restructuring, and sectors such as F&B, sports, entertainment and media. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.